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Hey guys...sorry for the weird little hiatus I was on for a while. I've been really busy making prints for my cosplay friends for shutocon
Idk if our whole group is coming but here is the cons I plan to go to in 2014

Comic Con Grand Rapids

I don't know all the cosplays I am doing for the last three. I only know for sure the Hitachiin twins at Jafax with my Girlfriend Izzy and The Evil Council from Yugioh Abridged at Youmancon


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DJ Phredrik le PhabulousMcDrizzleFoxyLoxyCardboardBoxyFineArseMadness
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Names to call me by:
Phredrik le Phabulous
and for close friends
Ali G
Alli King

First off
My Idol - Bob Barker
My Sensei - David Bowie
My "Boyfriend" - Matt Lori (look him up if you don't have a creepy book poster of him in your school)
My Wifey - Zack Efron (Zefron!)
My Motivation - Richard Simmons (He's back baby ;) )
My Homeboi - George Michaels
My Dog - Morgan Freeman
My Mother - Ryan Gosling
My Brother - Josh Peck
My Sister - Neil Patrick Harrison
My Girlfriend - Bartolo "Buddy" Valastro
My Cat - Paris Hilton
My Father - Justin Timberlake (I am J.T. JR.)
My BFF - Lindsay Lohan (You know if you type 'LI' on Google, Linsey Lohan will appear in the choices

My dream is to oneday be a make-up effects and digital effects artist ontop of cosplaying professionally

People Ik or have meet in RL (just putting this to make it look like I'm social)
My Bestest Friend
:iconlillyo15: Lillyo (Fro Fro Bunny)
:iconwarningpointless: ARI
Lilly's Sister
:iconeyeshield21deathnote: Noelle
My friend
:iconrima100: Destiny….sadly she doesn't post really anything(though she should since she is the best drawer I've ever met…but since she is graduating and wont be able to see her art ill try to get her to post more)

if anyone gifted me a premium membership, I would be their personal art whore forever O__O

Here is some random crap about me just if you want to know me or not offend me
My name is Alli but thats stupid so call me Phredrik
Phred for short.
Im 14
May 15, 1999
I'm Pansexual
I like girls more than guys
Sometimes I like to be Genderqueer
I am not aloud to be Genderqueer at school but screw that
I'm Single
Im like to crossdress
I love to draw
I love Anime and my other forms of Animation
I love Video Games
Im a Christian and I attend a Christian School
I rarely…and I mean…RARELY EVER swear
I live in Michigan(middle of no where)
Im a cosplayer
I have a slight fear of dogs caused by sensory disorder
so if i go to meet you make sure your dog never licks or touches me
My dream is to one day have Bob Barker come back to life.
I draw and sing and act
Im loud and hyperactive
I'm a morning person
I love music
I hate breakfast food
I love seafood, oriental food, and anything PASTA!!!
I love scary movies
I love Androgynous People
I have a hand fetish
I love clavicles, shoulder bones, and any sexy bones.
I love Yaoi
I love Yuri
I love my ships!

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(I am better at drawing people than animals)

2 points- Non Coloured
4 points- Couloured (i dont want to use up my colouring supplies)
1 point- for each extra person
2 points- for each normal sized animal (cause i dont like drawing animals)
6 points - Digital
2 points- Background

will do it for free for friends

I need to have a reference picture and i will not draw shippings i hate (Aka Vexshipping…i swear if someone requests vexshipping i will hire Oprah to come over and pour hot acid down your throat)

And yes i will draw both yuri , yaoi , and straight couples

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Awsmazing Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
thanks for the :+fav:
LarynDawn Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! I'm flattered you'd want to stay up to date with  my art! :icontaigacraiplz: 
Mustache7neko Aug 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
i wish I just had a smig of your talent
My stuff is good but yours 
Just a smig
that will suffice me
LarynDawn Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconuhuhuhuplz: Oh gosh, okay, I'm going to give you the best piece of advice there is. Practice. It's overused and cliche, but it's said a lot for a reason. Art doesn't happen over night, it takes a lot of love and dedication, especially the love part. Trust me, every year you look back at your art you'll go "did I really used to draw like that?" and cringe. But that's good because it means you're improving, you recognize the improvement, and that you can only get better! So keep drawing! And have fun with it ;) 
Mustache7neko Aug 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
THANKS FOR THE POINTERS!! I really really truely mean it
(1 Reply)
thanks for the favs! :)
Thanks for the fav suga boobs
Mustache7neko Jul 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
np honey tits
Thank you so much for the favorite!! :heart:
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